Lyrical, Contemporary & Modern Dance

Lyrical, Contemporary & Modern Dance

For Ages 10 and Older

Lyrical is a style of dance that expresses the lyrics of a song or feeling of the music using a combination of Jazz, Ballet & Modern dance techniques.

Contemporary is a current dance style that fuses several techniques including Ballet, Modern & Jazz. It is cutting edge and innovative, pushing the boundaries of dance today.

Modern dance is a free expressive style of dance that started in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, in part as a rebellion to Classical Ballet. Many legendary innovators such as Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham, Lester Horton & Jose Limon established movement and styles that continue to form the foundation of what is taught today.

Our program is under the Direction of Lindsay Nelko, who is an internationally recognized and award winning professional choreographer.

Every student’s year culminates in the annual performances in June at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. We’ll see you on stage!