Hip Hop

Hip Hop

For Ages 6 and Older

Hip Hop is not only a type of music and dance but it is also a cultural movement. Since it first emerged in New York City in the 1970s, Hip Hop has spread all over the world and captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. Hip Hop as a style of dance is full of very urban and contemporary movements. Done in street clothes as opposed to dance clothes it is a more natural style of dance that takes in everything from old school Hip Hop moves such as popping, locking, ticking and waving to break dancing and krumping and whatever new styles emerge. At the Shelley Shearer School of Dance beginner students explore Hip Hop through various exercises that showcase all that Hip Hop has to offer. Classes are available for all skill levels and age groups. In each class students emulate some of the dance moves they see in music videos and popular shows, but in an age appropriate way. Being appropriate, but also fun is very important to us and we ensure that all music and movements taught in each class are reviewed beforehand. Students also learn many of the other skills that Hip Hop develops, such as coordination and musicality. In addition to regular classes, students are offered workshops from famous Hip Hop dancers and choreographers which help their ability to pick up and learn new styles. Every student’s year culminates in the annual performances in June at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. We’ll see you on stage.

The Shelley Shearer Advantage:

Professionally accredited and experienced teachers

Two instructors in every class and limited class sizes ensures
individual attention

Full range of class levels in each discipline and lots of class times to choose from

All programs have been developed through years of experience and are updated on an ongoing basis

Teachers receive leading edge training at national and international conventions and classes

World-class facilities: Studios have sprung dance floors and professional dance flooring to help prevent injuries

Viewing Gallery with large windows and ample seating
Annual Parent Open House provides added insight into student progress 

Lots of free parking

Live piano accompaniment in preschool and ballet classes

June recital for all students aged 3 and up at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall

Award winning choreographers and teachers

Director’s Invitational programs in all disciplines for more intensive training and other performing and competing opportunities

Decades of Provincial, National and World Champions

The only school awarded 5 adjudicators group choice awards in a single year at the provincial dance festival

In-house assistant and teacher training program in all dance styles and levels

World famous guest teachers and workshops held at our own studios

All dance classes qualify for your child’s fitness tax credit. Please see the FAQ section for more information.